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We offer z/OS-training services, having over 30 years experience. 
Our courses are low-priced but very competent and are emphasized to hands-on.

Our z/OS-courses for "new-mainframer"

  • z/OS- and z-architecture basics, 1 day
 Basic information concerning modern mainframe concepts and functioning. 

z/OS-environment basic "tools"
  • TSO/E (Time Sharing Option/Enhanced), 1 day
  • ISPF/PDF (Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility, 2 days
  • SDSF (System Display and Search Facility), 1 day
  • JCL (Job Control Language), 3 days
Many students in Finland and other countries have passed this "z/OS basic training program" 
and feedback has been very positive.
The content of training has been formed during many years and is based on practical training,
 Courses for specialization
  • z/OS-data sets, 5 days
         - partitioned data sets, use and structure    
         - libraries, use and structure
        - VSAM-datasets (Virtual Storage Access Method)
        - Generation Data Group (GDG)    
        - ICF-catalogs
        - DFSMSdfp basics
  • RACF-basics, 4 days
  • REXX-programming, 4 days
  • z/OS USS ( Unix System Services), 3 days
  • Information for new systems programmers, 5 days
  • Linux information for mainframe specialists
  • DB2
  • CICS
  • SMP
  • WAS
  • Assembler


Planning of training, course materials, feedbacks and instruction are all included in the price! 

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